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Jon Porter, Master Class Shooter and 6 time Illinois All-State Team Member (clayshooter100@yahoo.com) from Lansing, IL:
"Your patience and coaching over the years have helped me reach Master Class.  Learning the basics helped me reach my goals.  Thanks Bud!"

Mike Smrz, Master Class Shooter (msmrz@scott-press.com) from Palos Heights, IL:
"Though I've never taken a formal lesson from you, I have learned ALOT about shooting, the game of sporting clays, and the mental aspect of the game simply by being around you. Your subtleties and coaching over the last 15 years have definitely helped me become a Master Class Shooter."

Pat Swanson (pswanson@csoinc.info):
"Thanks for making our class fun. It certainly flew by with all the tips, different types of shooting and individualized instruction. I think we all learned that it is one thing to throw some clays in the air (even if you hit some) and quite another to have a Master Class Shooter spend a little time helping you understand the basics and begin to apply them."

Luka Pocivavsek (lukap@uchicago.edu) from Chicago, IL:
"You understand what  a beginner shooter struggles with and have given me a system from the start that I can use to improve my game.  Your friendly personality and approach to teaching makes each lesson enjoyable, fun, and stress free."

John Rupert (barbnjohn@comcast.net) from Valparaiso, IN:
"I appreciate all of the coaching you have given me.  I strongly feel that my shooting has improved since we have been working together."

Kristin Tomey (ktea@umich.edu):
"As a female novice who had never shot a gun, I was able to learn the basics while staying relaxed due to your laid-back yet methodical instruction style.  Your enthusiasm is contagious!"

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